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PTA Event Calendar

Save the Dates:

August 4: Family Work Day (8am - 11am; meet at Waggoner)

August 6: TK/Kinder Ice-Cream Social (2pm - 3pm; Waggoner)

August 8: "Tears and Cheers" Coffee Celebration (8:30am; Waggoner Library)

August 17: Family Swim Night (6pm - 8pm; Community Pool)

August 23 - September 7: Fall Catalog Fundraiser

August 28: PTA Meeting (7pm; Waggoner Cafeteria)

September 5: Rominger Bike Safety Assemblies and Bike Rodeo (11:45am)

September 21: Family Movie Night (6pm; Rominger)

October 5: Staff Appreciation Luncheons

October 23: PTA Meeting (7pm; Waggoner Cafeteria)

November 8: Family Heritage Festival (6pm - 7:30pm; Rominger)

January 11: Family Dance (6pm - 7:30pm; Rominger)

January 22: PTA Meeting (7pm; Waggoner Cafeteria)

January 19: eWaste Drive Fundraiser

February 28: Poetry Jam (6pm; High School Gymnasium)

March 8: Staff Appreciation Luncheons

March 2: PTA Meeting (7pm; Waggoner Cafeteria)

May 10: Walk-a-thon Fundraiser

May 16: Waggoner Bike Rodeo

May 17: Staff Appreciation Luncheons

May 21: PTA Meeting and Celebration (7pm; Location TBD)


PTA General Body Meetings are held every other month, usually on the last Tuesday at 7pm in the Waggoner Cafeteria. Childcare (for children between the ages of 4 - 11) is always provided and Spanish translation is available. Following each meeting, a Parent-Teacher Quick Tip Topic is presented by the Principal.